Part 4 – God Wrote a Book About You (and Your PROMISED Life in Christ)

Ezekiel 47:1-12 is what your life will look like as you live and are obedient to what God wrote in His book about you. In Part 3 I dealt with the strongholds of the mind but now it's time to see your promised life in Christ.  Envision enjoying a day-by-day experience with Christ Jesus that... Continue Reading →

Part 3 – God Wrote About You (and How You can Pull Down Strongholds)

In Part 1 I showed you books exist in heaven, some opened for us to see what’s written, others are closed, and opened at a later time. But either way, God keeps books full of His Kingdom purposes for countries, churches, and individuals. Before you fully appreciate Conversational Prayer it's important to deal with strongholds... Continue Reading →

Part 1 – God Wrote a Book About You (and Change How You Think About Your Future

I wrote "God Wrote a Book About You" in  2017 and it means more to me today because of God working in my life instead of me trying to fix myself. As you read this post, God's already written every page of your life so don't get stuck on just one page. Why is it necessary... Continue Reading →

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