24 Radical Prayers for a Christ Awakening

“These prayers represent the overflow of a 48-hour “conversation.” They are the passionate cries from the hearts of Christian leaders who have given their whole beings to foster and serve whatever God desires to do in this hour to:

deliver his people from our spiritual disobedience, darkness, and paralysis;
• revive us again; and
• bring the Church into a fresh revelation of the greatness and glory of his Son—who he is, where he’s headed, what he’s doing, and how he gets blessed.

As you pray these radical prayers for a Christ Awakening, may you experience the glory of God’s Son in ways you never imagined, and may we see a Christ Awakening in our land.” From ChristNow.com

  1. Father, fulfill ALL you have purposed for your Son in this nation, in my city, region, and in the church you have called me to serve. Restore your glory in the earth and in our nation. Manifest your glory! Glorify your Son! Magnify your Son! Make his name known among us. Come Holy Spirit and fully fulfill the purpose for which you have been sent! For Jesus’ sake. AMEN
  2. Holy Father, in your love, grace and mercy, your sovereignty and power, please pour out your Spirit on the deserts of the churches in this nation. Reveal yourself in all your glory and splendor and beauty so that the world may see who you really are and long for you as never before. Make our churches into the Church you want them to be. Enthrone yourself in our lives, our churches, our nation, and the nations. Do all this for the glory of the cross and the glory of your holy name. In Jesus’ precious name we ask. AMEN
  3. Father, I trust you to give us a greater vision of what our communities would look like if you came in power, visiting us with the blessing of your manifest presence. I believe it is your desire to meet with us, revealing our great need, igniting a passion for the lost, and giving us an obsession for your glory. We desire more tongues to give Jesus glory. Give us the desire and strength to prepare for such a visitation. We invite you to come. In Jesus’ exalted name, AMEN
  4. Father, break the hearts of all the Christian leaders in all the churches and ministries, and renew those hearts in such a manner that they seek to be one. Let the Scripture that expresses Jesus’ prayer to you about our being one (John 17) stand as a command in each ministry’s mission statement. Lord, calm our fears of each other and unite the streams of preferences and distinctives in such a way that the unbelieving world is drawn into salvation. For Jesus’ glory. AMEN
  5. Father, your Son is so glorious and worthy of complete surrender and worship. Would you please pour out the Spirit of Christ upon your disillusioned, rebellious, prideful, wounded, and depressed people in order that we might behold the promised land of intimately knowing Jesus. Then help us to embrace this exchanged life doing whatever it takes, at whatever cost, to know Christ as the Lion and the Lamb. Please lead us into a season of repentance and enable us to humble ourselves before you and tremble at your Word that your incomparable face might radiate upon us for our ultimate joy, as well as for the renown of your supreme name among us and all the peoples. In Jesus’ name and authority. AMEN
  6. My Father, I ask of you that you would pour out your Spirit on the pastors of this land that once again they would love Jesus with passion; that once more they would seek the authority of the Holy Spirit for their preaching; that once more they would be pure in their living and secure in their dying. O my God, create a brotherhood of the flaming heart that spreads throughout our country and leads the Church into revival, awakening, and transformation. AMEN
  7. Lord, our land is in desperate need and we see many forces arrayed against you and your righteousness. But you are the Lord of history. You are Lord of the forces working against you—who do so in vain! Now Lord, consider the threats your people face and enable your servants to proclaim your Word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus. Shake your Church, fill us afresh with your Spirit, and send us forth to speak your Word boldly (Acts 4). AMEN
  8. Dear Lord, we thank you for your promises. We hold dear in our hearts your love for us. We come now with thanksgiving and supreme gratitude for your mercy that endures forever. Lord, please intensify our hunger for you. Allow our cities and nation to become desperate for your presence. May we become Christ-like in every way possible. Open the doors of blessings upon us and transform us into people of holiness. Disrupt our comfort zones and bring total surrender into our lives. I pray now, believing revival and repentance will come, beginning with me. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. AMEN
  9. Heavenly Father, I pray that you would pour out a desire upon your people to pray—that your Church would once again be a House of Prayer. Father, I pray that your people would humble themselves before you, surrender their lives unto you, and seek your will in their lives and for this generation. I pray that your glory would be more manifest in your Church such that the whole nation would be gathered unto you! AMEN
  10. Father, awaken the dream of kingdom life within us. Quicken our passion to seek you and to serve you. Empower us with a confidence that you can take a glowing ember and turn it into a raging fire. Draw our hearts to desire the pleasure of obedience to your Word. Create in us clean hearts and renew right spirits within us. AMEN
  11. Father, in the days of Elijah you brought fire to show you alone are the true God. Your fire displayed your glory, then you opened heaven and rain brought life to the land once again. Lord God, your Church, the bride of your Son, needs again the cleansing and purifying work of your fire as well as the refreshing work of your rain. We are desperate for it. When the time was right, you sent both in an instant. I humbly ask that both would fall today in another one of your “suddenlies.” We can’t wait much longer, Lord. Show your fire and rain and glory in your Church again. AMEN
  12. Lord, please give us the brutal honesty to stop calling the “death valley” of our religious experience a “rock garden.” Disillusion us fully regarding the propaganda of the false hopes of our own making. Turn us profoundly and simply to Christ that we may experience resurrection! Saturate us so that the genuine faith, love, and power of Christ’s life will triumph over death and evil—for our joy and your glory. AMEN
  13. Lord Jesus, we have shamefully broken covenant with you. We have resisted you, and many on our campuses and throughout our country have greatly rebelled against you and renounced you. But even so, aware that we do not deserve anything but judgment, we humbly submit ourselves to you to ask you, in your mercy, to pour out your Spirit on our land. Awaken us, save us, renew our first love. Save your people. AMEN
  14. O God my Father, I know you love your Church and the world very, very much. Please pour out your love and grace upon both. Have mercy and continue to show your love to both. Change hearts and place your hand upon us all. AMEN
  15. O, Lord God of all nations, we, your bride, have rejected you, your Word, and your ways. We have fallen in love with other gods—money, sex, and pleasure. Our sins have hurt you, grieved you, and even angered you, resulting in a withdrawal of your presence and leaving us to ourselves and self-destruction. O Lord, on behalf of your people I repent and turn from my wicked ways; please, oh please, extend your mercy. Turn us again unto you. Cause your face to shine upon us and we will be delivered. Fill your surrendered, broken servants with the fullness of your Spirit. And may the nations tremble at your presence. May your glory fill the earth and may the whole world worship you alone. AMEN
  16. Father, though we have all deserted you for our idols, you have said, “I will capture the hearts of the people of God (Ezek. 14:3).” We bless you for this promise. It is our hope for a Christ-honoring revival that produces by your Holy Spirit the fruit of repentance, reconciliation, restitution, renewal, and reformation. Recapture the hearts of your people in the cities and communities of our nation. Soon, Lord. Even today! AMEN
  17. Lord, you promised that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea. I fully expect and believe that we are on the verge of its completion. Before this great company of witnesses, pour out your Spirit and fill the earth. Bring forth rivers of grace in the wastelands, life where there is now death, and praises, like golden bowls of incense, so that Christ is rightly adored and humankind redeemed. AMEN
  18. Father, in Jesus’ name and by him alone, I ask that you would draw your Church, your bride in America, to your Word. Then reveal your living Word, bringing repentance, salvation, and perpetual holy surrender. Do this in all who are alive in this generation, including within every ethnic group. I pray that people’s motivations would become like yours—love. I pray that your people would worship you in spirit and truth, thus becoming intimate laborers among all the nations. I pray that we would be a people driven and consumed by the passion of YOUR heart, not our own, that YOUR NAME would be glorified in all the earth. Lastly, I ask that people everywhere would fear you once again. AMEN
  19. Father, glorify your Son in the midst of his people. Awaken your Church to see and experience Jesus in all of his glory. May your Holy Spirit be poured out upon us, turning us from sin and self-centeredness. Give life and breathe to dry bones. Would you so fill us with your life, light, and power, that your transforming Spirit would forever change our communities? Lord Jesus, live out your life in us in a way that attracts unbelievers, convicts of sin, brings us to holiness, and sends your Word in power to the very ends of the earth. AMEN
  20. Lord Jesus, we long for your presence more than we value even our own lives. We want your lordship, comfort, grace, healing, life, light, beauty, creativity, resurrection, and everlasting love. Whatever the cost this means for us, we willingly embrace you. We embrace the ultimate cost to give us this awakening, and we will pay the price gladly. Come, Lord Jesus. AMEN
  21. Father in heaven, I hunger for your holiness to be known by all who live in this land. My Lord, this is your land, the United States. May all know that you are set apart, above and beyond anything our minds can grasp. May your rule be absolute over every heart and habit. Capture every heart with your love, every habit with your holiness. Find more than lip service from those who know you; find “life service.” And bring every lost sheep home. Feed, clothe, and provide for everyone. Bring to repentance every sinner, so that you can forgive and restore. Remove all temptation; destroy all evil. And hasten the day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess the lordship of Jesus, here and everywhere. AMEN
  22. O Lord, move the Church—your people, your house—from being self-focused to being truly focused on the pleasures and joys of Jesus Christ. AMEN
  23. God, I ask that you graciously reveal yourself through a dramatic and transforming manifestation of your holiness, love, power, and majesty. Through that manifestation of who you are, renew and deepen the devotion and faithfulness of your people, and expand even further the reach of your kingdom by bringing multitudes into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I ask this through the wonderful name of Jesus. AMEN
  24. Our precious Father, I appeal to you for the re-conversion of your people back to your Son for ALL that he is. I appeal to you to raise up a host of leaders to become “messengers of hope” all throughout the Body of Christ, saturating your people with a message of the supremacy of your Son that will lead them into large hope and deep repentance. Restore to us a spiritual passion for the cause of Christ everywhere. Especially, I appeal to you to manifest the kingdom of our Lord Jesus and the power of his gospel in the life of this nation. Do so with such transforming impact that this gracious revival will strengthen afresh the work of Christ among your people in every part of the earth. Hear and answer. The time has come. Truly, this ordained Christ Awakening is at hand. We are undone without it. Do not delay. For Jesus’ sake alone. AMEN

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