How to Pray for Your Pastor or Spiritual Leader

Here’s an article by Rick Renner I’m going to share with my husband’s PIT crew (Pastor’s Intercessory Prayer Team). My husband, Dick, has been a pastor for 40 years and treasures all those who pray for him.

As you will see below the Apostle Paul asked for specific prayer and valued those who joined him in praying for God’s will.

You can use this prayer to guide you in your prayers for your pastor or spiritual leaders too.

30 That’s why I plead with you, because of our union with our Lord Jesus Christ, to be partners with me in your prayers to God. My dear brothers and sisters in the faith, with the love we share in the Holy Spirit, fight alongside me in prayer.

31 Ask the Father to deliver me from the danger I face from the unbelievers in Judea. For I want to make sure that the contribution I carry for Jerusalem will be favorably received by God’s holy ones. 

32 Then he will send me to you with great joy in the pleasure of God’s will, and I will be spiritually refreshed by your fellowship.” –Romans 15:30-32

First, Paul makes the following request: “that ye strive together with me in your prayers.”

This tells me that Paul was in a great spiritual battle at the time he wrote this prayer request. In fact, the fight was so intense that he felt the need for others to join with him in prayer. He didn’t want to face this spiritual fight alone, so he opened his heart and asked others to join with him in fighting this battle.

As you pray for pastor Dick or spiritual leader, remember that he or she needs your support in prayer. Just as Jesus requested Peter, James, and John to pray with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, your pastor needs your prayer support.

Yes, he can pray alone, but it will be such a help for him to know that others are standing in faith and in the Spirit with him. The apostle Paul needed this, and your pastor needs it as well.

Second, Paul specifically asked them to pray: “That I may be delivered from them that do not believe” (v. 31).

It may sound strange that Paul would request others to pray that he would be delivered from those who didn’t believe. But Paul had gone through many experiences with “unbelievers” who resisted him, as well as with so-called “brethren” who gave him constant troubles.

It is simply a fact that the devil works primarily through people. When he wants to stop the advancement of the Gospel, he often tries to resist a local church or pastor by stirring up someone in the community to be against the pastor.

Sometimes the enemy even uses people inside the local church to create problems that bring division and disaster. So when you pray for your pastor, remember to pray that he will be snatched out of the traps and snares set for him by people who have wrong motives.

Third, Paul requested prayer: “that my service which I have for Jerusalem may be accepted of the saints” (v. 31).

This is an expected prayer request from a preacher! Paul has sought God through prayer and listened to hear what the Lord is saying to his spirit because he wants to do well in his ministry.

Paul desires every word to be spoken correctly, accurately, and in a way that pleases God. Furthermore, he wants people to believe in the sincerity of his motives and not to question whether he has ulterior motives for speaking to them about the Lord.

Thus, he prays that his ministry to the saints in Jerusalem will be well received.

As you pray for your pastor, be sure to include this item on your prayer list! Pray that his ministry will be blessed and accepted and that people will receive him and hear his heart the way he means to convey it.

He needs your prayer power working behind him as he takes specific words from God into various situations.

Fourth, Paul requested that the believers in Rome pray “that I may come unto you with joy” (v. 32).

He had faced many hardships that gave him opportunities to lose his joy – such as broken friendships, dashed expectations, political turmoil, church divisions, and so on.

Paul’s request was very simple:

“Please pray that I will have and will keep my joy in the middle of everything I have to deal with in my ministry!”

Just think of the things that happen in your own life that tempt you to lose your joy. What about your pastor?

Think of all the people he counsels, the marriages he tries to help, the sermons he has to prepare, and the organization he has to oversee. Then on top of all that, think of the disappointment your pastor is tempted to feel when people he has helped in the past decide to leave the church.

I guarantee you that there are many opportunities for your pastor to lose his joy.

So take Paul’s prayer request to heart and apply it to your pastor. Pray that your pastor will have and will hold on to his joy in spite of everything he has to deal with in his ministry!

Fifth, Paul prayed: “That I may come unto you with joy by the will of God.”

Just as we pray to make no mistakes and to be right where God wants us to be, Paul prayed the very same prayer! He wanted the saints to pray that he would make no mistakes and that he might always stay in the perfect plan of God.

So when you pray for your pastor, pray that he will have the wisdom to know what he is supposed to do in the various situations he faces in his ministry.

Questions come at him all day long, and he needs your prayer support to make right decisions. And just as Paul requested prayer that he would be in the will of God, help your pastor by strongly praying that he will stay sensitive to the Spirit so he can avoid making costly mistakes and follow God’s will for himself and for the church.

Sixth, Paul requested prayer that be might be “refreshed” (v. 32).

Everyone needs to be refreshed from time to time – including pastors and preachers! People tend to think that pastors and preachers don’t need the same refreshing that others need, but everyone needs to be refreshed and touched by God from time to time!

Paul makes his need for refreshment known by telling his Roman readers,

“I need to be refreshed just like the rest of you, so please pray that I will be refreshed!”
~Article by Rick Renner

As you pray for pastor Dick, use this prayer request of the apostle Paul to guide you in your prayers.

Here’s a sample prayer below to get you started praying for Pastor Dick today.

Lord, I choose to stand with pastor Dick in prayer!

I want to join him and support him spiritually by praying for him.

I ask You to deliver him from people who have wrong motives. I also pray that his ministry will be fully received;

that he will be filled with joy in his ministry; that he will make godly decisions and walk in all the will of God;

and that he will always feel inner strength and be refreshed in his spirit, soul, and body.

Richly bless my pastor, his wife, and his family.
I pray this in
Jesus’ name

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  1. This is an excellent post for all members of the Body of Messiah to pray for Pastors and all Spiritual Leaders. God YHWH bless you and I thank God YHWH for you, and the wisdom He has given you.


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