My Prayer for You Today!

As I was praying this morning and meditating on Scripture my friend Marji Stevens came to mind.

I don’t always write my prayers down but sensed I was to email her and tell her how I was praying for her today. 

But after I sent the email, I also sensed there may be someone out there today who can resonate with my prayer.

My desire for you is that you might be overwhelmed with the knowledge of God’s dream for you.

“I pray that the pattern of his wisdom and thoughts will fall into place for you in all spiritual understanding.” (this is from the Mirror Translation)

As you continue to walk in God’s leading and what he’s pouring into your life may your one desire be to make his word known with clarity so that minds awaken to a fuller understanding of ALL they have in Christ.

For those of you who are growing and flourishing in Christ, when I read Colossians 2:7 it has your name written all over it!

“Just like the roots of a tree, draw sustenance and strength from him.

Like a building rising up out of its foundation your life makes the full stature of Christ visible; standing tall in his shoes, firm in your faith posture. 

The language of gratitude that overflows from your lips reflects the exact impression of what you were taught.” (Mirror Translation)

All of Him in all of You,

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