Part 2 – God Wrote a Book About You (so Change How You Think About Your Future

change how you think

Does it matter if you’re mature?

Standing Mature In All The Will Of God.

Sad to say, many times, more than I’d like to think, I measure myself against someone who knows little about what God wrote in His book about them. It makes me feel better than they are, which comes out of a root of pride.

The fact is, the Father’s standard for me is different because His desire for me is to stand mature in ALL the will of God that I know. Comparing yourself with someone else sounds like a stronghold of the mind.

In part two I will talk about strongholds of the mind that keep us from moving forward in ALL the will of God.

I believe Paul and Epaphras were praying out of their own experience for the Colossians. They cooperated and lived out of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Men“filled with the knowledge of God’s will, in all spiritual wisdom, men standing complete in ALL the will of God.”  

Remember I said at the beginning of Part One that what God wrote in His book about you, is about His Kingdom purposes and plans for you to carry out on earth. Even, Jesus came to earth to participate with what God wrote in His book for Jesus.

Jesus speaking, 

“Then said I, See, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me, to do your will, O God” (Hebrews 10:7).

Some think Jesus is referring only to the Scriptures but I believe it refers to both the Scriptures and what God wrote in His book concerning Jesus.

Just as Jesus, we were born on earth to carry out what God wrote in His book. It contains His kingdom purposes He planned for you to walk in. As you mature spiritually you will be are assured of ALL the will of God. God’s greatest joy is for every son and daughter to experience maximum fulfillment from knowing Him more.

This only comes one way in a believer’s life, and that way is to bring on earth everything God has planned for you. What’s been already established is to be manifested (seen on earth) in your life. Mind-blowing isn’t it?

As you participate with the Most High God – agreeing and standing in solidarity to fulfill what’s in His book for you, you come to know Him better.

Just like God, our children were loved and prayed for and treasured from the moment we heard I was pregnant. For nine months our extended families loved our children before they were born, and the same was true for our grandchildren.

I still remember, self-giving, overflowing love and our children had not done one thing to earn any of it and nothing could change our hearts. The first time I held our children in my arms, Ephesians 1:3-5 went through my mind.

“A thousand hallelujahs to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus. With eager and overflowing joy, lavished all the family resources of heaven upon us in Christ, just as He planned it when He dreamed of us ages before He called the cosmos.

Long ago He made us the apple of His eye and dedicated Himself to bring us into the family to be face to face with Him forever in Jesus.” (Paraphrased by C. B. Kruger)

Does that paraphrase resonate with you like it does me? Let’s soak in that for a while and let it sink in. Now you might think that verse has nothing to do with God’s book about you but let me show you how it’s connected with a verse in John’s Gospel.

Remember when John saw Jesus turn water into wine. Did you ever wonder why Jesus asked the servants to get the water? Why not skip the water and make wine but instead he included the servants?

In addition, John saw something, we miss, he saw the glory of God. He saw who Jesus really was as the Father’s eternal Son because He saw Jesus include the servants in his blessing of others.

That means when God wrote His book about you, just like Jesus said,“the Father loves the Son and shows him all things that He Himself is doing,” and “I only do what I see my Father doing.”

The same goes for you too as the Father and the Son dream and bless others through you. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit always include us in what they are dreaming and doing and saying as they bless others through us. God includes you the same way that’s one reason it’s so important to know what’s in your book.

Like all of us, we began in the heart of God the Father long before the world began. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit would not have created our children (Rick and Heather) without my husband (Dick) and me cooperating and doing our part.

So what God wrote in His book is about us coming into alignment with His plans and purposes.

Theologian C. B. Kruger says,

“Our participation is God’s joy, and it is the mystery, the light of life, the undiluted gospel.”

In closing, remember God knows you because He made you and as you participate with Him, you come to be assured of ALL the will of God. That’s the reason He brought you into His family.

But what breaks my heart is, some of God’s books for individuals go unfulfilled. Why?

Part 3 will answer that question.

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