Stop Trying to Fix Yourself (because it’s the Best Advice You’ve Never Heard)


Stop Trying to Fix Yourself

How’s your willpower holding out?

You’re not alone. Everyone comes to the stark reality sooner or later that willpower can’t fix you. My wake up call was 1990 when life came to a screeching halt and my eyes were opened to the lie I believed. I’m the master of my fate – all I have to do is grunt and try harder. That’s a BIG LIE.

My prayer life was almost nonexistent. I mean I prayed maybe 5 minutes in the morning. I was too busy working for God and trying to fix myself that prayer dropped by the wayside. Anyway, my prayer up till that time was more “doing it out of duty”  than delighting in the Lord’s presence. Prayer for me was boring, dry, and stale.

Many Christians begin with a commitment to pray, like making a New Years resolution, but in a couple of weeks, it’s gone by the wayside. They fall back into willpower. 

Henneke points out, “Research has never proved that willpower can be practiced and strengthened. Even worse, research suggests that telling ourselves we lack willpower (and that we need to strengthen it) is enough to prevent us from implementing our plans.”

Even research is ahead of the Christian community, they still try to fix themselves to no avail. I was a Christian who lived without prayer most of the time and didn’t understand the power of God. Looking back now, it was if I was saying, I don’t need you, God, I’m doing just fine by myself thank you.

I never said those words out loud, sad to say it, I took God for granted. Putting trust in willpower is a sure recipe for disaster just ask Paul the Apostle.

The Apostle Paul said, “We are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God, and glory in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh: 

4 though I myself might have confidence even in the flesh: if any other man thinks to have confidence in the flesh, I yet more. . .” (Philippians 3:3-4 TPT)

At one time Paul boasted in his self-will (flesh) until He met the living Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus. No wonder he had a PhD in “walking in the Spirit.”  His wasn’t book learning but a PhD in life experience and knowing self-will will always fail you. Paul experienced both and gave up “Walking in the flesh” for “Walking in the Spirit.”

I’m still growing in the area of Conversational Prayer. My relationship with God is deeper and richer now because I’ve found out God constantly communicates with us through the Scriptures, our hearts, our circumstances, our spirit and through prayer.

I’ve come to know as I delight myself in the Lord He gives me the desires of my heart. 

I’d love to hear your testimony how the arm of flesh failed you but you are now “walking in the Spirit” because Conversational Prayer played a big part.


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