Why Keep a Spiritual Journal (because it Ignites a Passionate Life of Prayer)

Ever wonder why keeping a spiritual journal is so important?

Below you will find 6 reasons for keeping a spiritual journal. 

I’ve been keeping prayer journals for over 40 years. The focus of my journal is to keep track of my journey with God. The Bible, God’s love letter to us helps us see that people kept journals. They wrote down what they heard God speak.

Over 45 times the Bible speaks about writing down what God spoke. Where would we be if the likes of Moses Nehemiah or Habakkuk hadn’t kept a journal of their encounters and words from God? 

From their example and my experience, here are six reasons why I think every Christ follower should keep a spiritual journal.

1. It keeps at your fingertips a ready reference of the things God is saying to you personally. A personal word from God in the form of a scripture, a dream or a word of prophecy is life-giving. Just like a gift from a loved one, or a picture or an important letter we keep them in a safe place, don’t we?

In the same way, a record of what God is saying to you helps you keep track of your spiritual journey.

 2. It motivates you to read the Bible and listen for God’s voice. Many struggle with reading the Bible so keeping a record of what you are reading and noting the things God speaks to you brings joy and encouragement.

3. It helps to keep you focused. Briefly logging key prayers in your journal aids in praying in the front of each journal entry, I always write: “The prayer recorded is the prayer rewarded.”

As you glance back at the last entry that you wrote it encourages you to keep your appointment with the Lord. It brings a hunger to be more aware of His presence in you and around you.

4. It provides a place of release where you can pour out your heart to the Lord and know He hears you. Have you found that sometimes in trying to pray through your trials, frustrations, or complaints you get caught in a kind of spiral that pulls you deeper rather than breaking out?

Writing and seeing and reading your transaction with God in black and white can be healing, revealing, and transforming. When you break out you now see from God’s perspective.

As you write it’s a way of loosing yourself from the sadness and raw emotion like David did in many of his Psalms.

In some supernatural way, it seals what you’ve been trying to say and brings the peace that passes understanding.

5. Reviewing your spiritual journal entries from previous months and years gives you a perspective on your spiritual growth. Of course, you will see where you’re not listening to God’s voice.

But also, you see where God’s faithfulness and His persistence to communicate His will and direction through journaling is encouraging. For example, when you review older entries you can see God had been speaking to you.

You can record scriptures, impressions, and prophecies given to you by others, helping you keep everything connected. Reading through your journals for the past years gives you perspective on your spiritual life. Instead of a birds-eye view, it’s a long-range view of where you’ve been and where you’re going.

6. It builds trust when you see how God has been working in your life and answering your prayers. Leafing back through your old entries causes you to praise and worship Him for working in your life.

Finally, if you keep a spiritual journal, what have you learned about its benefits?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave a reply.

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