Conversational Prayer (because You’re not Separated From God)

listen to god

Do you ever feel like God’s a million miles away? 

Many Christians know about God and their head is filled with information about Him but they’ve never known how close He is. In their mind, He’s distant and unapproachable. Many Christians have a misleading perception of separation from God.

Elijah spoke to King Ahab and said,  “As surely as God lives, the God of Israel before whom I stand in obedient service, the next years are going to see a total drought—not a drop of dew or rain unless I say otherwise.” (I Kings 17:1)

In reality what Elijah meant was, I may be standing before you King Ahab but I’m also standing in the presence of Almighty God.

But under the New Covenant not only are you standing before God you are in Christ and He is in you. When this revelation becomes real in us, we no longer see God at a distance because now we know He dwells within us.

Colossians 2:10 makes it clear, “And our own completeness is now found in him. We are completely filled with God as Christ’s fullness overflows within us. He is the Head of every kingdom and authority in the universe!” (Colossians 2:10 TPT)

I pray the Holy Spirit makes Colossians 2:10 real in you. May you sense the reality of who God is in you and know He’s closer than your breath. Now renounce the lie that God is distant and unapproachable.

Wrong teaching and the devil have misled us from the reality of God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. You’re standing in His presence 24/7 so ask the Lord to make you aware of God’s thoughts.  Repent (change your mind) about your human opinions, your speculations, and distractions and begin today to expect to hear Him more.

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