Do You Struggle With Faith? (because Conversational Prayer is About Faith).

living faith

In this post, I will show you what biblical faith is NOT and what true faith is from the

Holy Spirit’s perspective, using Scripture.

I will cover:

  • What biblical faith is NOT
  • What’s biblical faith mean
  • A stern warning
  • Hebrews 11:1 explanation

Biblical Faith Is NOT a Leap in the Dark


Biblical Faith is not Blind

faith not blind

These two myths are man’s ideas of what faith means and are not biblical and the scriptures do not back up this teaching.


Faith is a noun. It’s information we receive from God for us to act upon. Another way of saying it is, faith is taking seriously what God reveals to you.

We receive this information in different ways: through the Scriptures; prophetic utterance; a dream; a vision; a picture in your mind; a still small voice; spontaneous thoughts; or inner knowing. Very seldom will you hear an audible voice.

Once your eyes are open to see what biblical faith is, you will NEVER go back to believing faith is a leap in the dark or that faith is blind.

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