Part 1 – Conversational Prayer (and How Faith Figures In)

Conversational Prayer is all about faith.

Biblical faith that is.

In this post I’ll cover:
  • What faith is not

  • What biblical faith means

  • Scripture showing you what biblical faith looks like

  • A stern warning in Hebrews 11:1 and

  • How Conversational Prayer and Faith are linked

 What faith is NOT

  • It is not a leap in the dark and

  • It is not blind

Whew, aren’t you glad we got those two myths out of the way?

What Does Faith Mean?

First, faith is a noun. It’s information we receive from God for us to act upon. Another way of saying it is, faith is a course of action revealed to you by God.

You receive this information in different ways: through the Scriptures; prophetic utterance; a dream; a vision; a picture in your mind; a still small voice; spontaneous thoughts; or inner knowing. Very seldom will you hear an audible voice.

Faith is a message from God and it can either be information or instructions describing how something is done. God gives you this message ahead of time, and this information helps you to know what God will do in the future concerning a specific situation or circumstance you are facing.
Once your eyes are open to see what biblical faith is, you will NEVER go back to believing faith is a leap in the dark or that faith is blind.

Scripture showing you what biblical faith looks like

Once you see what biblical faith is from the Scriptures you wonder how you missed it before. The footprints of biblical faith are all over the Bible. The Scripture that started it all is “Without faith, it’s impossible to please God.”

Who doesn’t want to please God? Like a hound dog on a trail, I’ve been sniffing for glues to what Biblical faith means. I’ve dug up delicious morsels that I want to share with you.

Bible Examples Showing What Faith Means

God warned Noah about the flood long before it happened.  Well before the flood, God talks to Noah and gives him detailed information. God had a plan but He also included Noah. This information also consisted of Noah’s part in God’s plan for the flood.

Did you ever get detailed information? Sometimes you know what it means but other times you need to talk to the person who gave you the detailed information? Imagine the precise detailed information God gave Noah. Do you think he comprehended it all at once? I believe Noah talked to God more than once about the details.

Sounds like Conversational Payer to me. If that’s true what type of faith did Noah have? The “leap in the dark kind of faith?” The “blind kind of faith?” Biblical faith is what Noah had.

You remember Noah didn’t think up this plan all by himself. He wasn’t out to make a name for himself. He received the information directly from God. God had a plan and He included Noah.

I’m not making this up. Look at Hebrews 11:6.

“By faith Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house…” (Hebrews 11:6).

Years ago I the read the Bible for the sake of reading the Bible. Reading the Bible this way is boring, not life-giving. It certainly didn’t feed my soul. I looked like a healthy adult on the outside but my soul was shriveled up on the inside like a raisin.

But since the Holy Spirit set me on this course I now ask him questions about what I read in the Bible because I don’t always know what it means. I no longer what to read the Bible for information but for transformation. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth is who I go to now. I want to know His meaning about what I’m reading.

Holy Spirit, “Did Noah know what was coming upon the earth before the flood came?”  Yes, he did.

Did Noah know what God wanted him to do in this process before the flood came? Yes, he did.

Noah received information from God before the flood. Wow, how your conversations with God would change if you knew He wants to speak to you directly.

The information Noah received, came in the form of a warning. The warning helped  Noah know beforehand exactly what God wanted him to do.  What, then, did Noah do?

He acted upon God’s message. He built the ark to the saving of his house. Noah acted on the information which demonstrates his believing. Because he acted, he “became heir of the righteousness which is by faith” (Hebrews 11:6).

Remember faith is a noun.

It’s information we receive from God for us to act upon. Another way of saying it is, faith is a course of action revealed to you by God.

Abraham is another case about biblical faith.

“By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out…” (Hebrews 11:8).

I depend on the Holy Spirit again and ask, “Did Abraham receive advance information from God concerning a place he was to inherit before he went out? Yes, he did.

Did Abraham know beforehand what he was to do about it? Yes, he did.

Did Abraham have the “leap in the dark” kind of faith?  No, he didn’t.

Did he have the “blind” kind faith? No, he didn’t. Abraham had Biblical faith.

Advance information from God is what he received and it became his faith. Faith is a noun. It is something you have.

Next, Abraham acted upon that information. He obeyed. He went out. His obedience in going out demonstrated his believing. Believing in the Biblical sense always means acting upon the revealed will and plan of God.

Conversational Prayer then reinforces how critical it is to hear God’s voice. “Without faith it’s impossible to please God.” Whether its God’s people in the Old Testament to believers today it’s still impossible to please God without faith.

I’m embarrassed to say how many times I tried the “leap in the dark” kind and faith and the “blind” kind of faith. The difference between the two is like day and night. Once you abandon the false kind faith your Conversational Prayer is more precious than silver.

Faith is information that you receive from God. Believing is acting upon that information. Abraham knew beforehand about the place of inheritance. His

going out proved He believed the information.

In addition, Moses’ parents walked in biblical faith. Biblical faith is the same today as it was in Moses day.

“By faith Moses’, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a proper child, and they were not afraid of the king’s commandment” (Hebrews 11:23).

Holy Spirit, “Did Moses’ parents receive advance information about the future of their child? Yes, they did.

They “saw he was a proper child”.  How did they respond to the advance information? They acted upon it in two ways.

They hid Moses for the three months. Next, they overcame their fear of the king’s commandment to kill the boy babies in the land. Hiding and overcoming their fear was their believing because they heard God’s voice.

Faith is a noun.  It is something you have. Believing is a verb. It is something you do with the information you receive from God. Are you tired of me saying that yet?

How does this information come to us?

In the examples above, Noah, Abraham, and Moses’ parents obtained the advance information from God in three ways.

  • Noah was warned,
  • Abraham was called and
  • Moses’ parents saw something.

But, in our age,  information from God comes to us in two ways.

  1. we get information from God in scripture.
  2. we get information from God directly into our spirit that reaches our mind so we can understand the information.

Information which comes directly into our spirit may take the form of a warning, calling and seeing like the above Scriptures. It may be an inner knowing or an awareness.

For instance, in the ’70s my husband Dick owned his own sign painting business. But now he sensed God calling him into full-time ministry.

Dick was concerned more about being in the will of God but what was he to do? He felt conflicted because he loved painting signs and He loved doing God’s will.

Dick wanted to own his own business but only if He could know that it was in the will of God for his life. The Bible didn’t state anywhere,  “Dick you shall leave your sign painting business and go to Bible school.”

Dick entered into Conversational Prayer. He simply talked the matter over with the Lord. He did not receive advance information immediately when He prayed. Over a period of several weeks, all the pieces fell into place. He received and acted on the information God gave him.

The effect was perfect peace in Dick’s spirit about the course of action he was taking. Dick closed his business according to the information God gave him and we headed for Elim,  New York all at the direction of God.

It’s now 2019 and Dick and I are still in full-time ministry.

But Dick and I’ve experienced the opposite too. When we’ve moved out without hearing His voice, we experienced anxiety and unrest concerning the course of action that we took. So we repented and went back to where we missed it.

Conversational Prayer is critical if you want to please your heavenly Father. Praying this way is a sign of sonship. You are maturing and pleasing to the Father.

warning red square grungy vintage isolated stamp

A stern warning in Hebrew 11:1

A strong word of warning is necessary here. The Holy Spirit will never go contrary to the written word of God. The Spirit of God will never give you information for you to act upon that denies the scriptures.  

If you hear “go and rob a bank” don’t act upon it because it doesn’t line up with the Scriptures.

conversatonal prayer

How Conversational Prayer and Faith are linkedFinally, I hope your perspective is changed about biblical faith.  God is as relational today as He was in the Old Testament. No wonder God is pleased with those who have faith because conversations with Him is what Conversational Prayer is all about.

Noah, Abraham and Moses’ parent reached their destiny by acting upon the information God gave them. God’s called you by name and desires for you to reach your destiny too.

Come to Him today and listen carefully to Him, and eat what is good, and delight yourself in rich food.  It’s a feast for your soul.

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