Find Out How You Can Hear The Voice Of God Through Journaling

Did your parents teach you how to have a conversation when you were young? Me too.

Good parents teach their children at a young age how to have a conversation with someone else. From ordering food when the waitress comes to the table to take the order to talking to Grandma and talking to friends.

Teaching children taught me that children are not born knowing how to have a good conversation with somebody. Most of the time kids are very one-sided in their conversation. Most of the time it’s more like, “Look at me” and they talk about everything they did.

Many times when we think of journaling we imagine doing all the talking like a child. But hearing God’s voice through journaling is more a two-way conversation that can be learned.

1 Chronicles 28:19  David said, “This is in writing because His hand was upon me. He helped me to know all the plan.”

I believe David learned the Art of Journaling. What do you think?

David wrote a lot. We have the Psalms to prove it.  Journaling is a skill. It’s not a skill you are born with. You learn how to develop conversation as a kid and you learn to develop a conversation with God very much the same.

A good definition of spiritual journaling is  – a written conversation with the Lord.

“It is a written dialog between you and the Lord where you approach Him with your thoughts and ideas and write back what He tells you.”

What Hearing the Voice of God Through Journaling Looks Like

Journaling looks like this,

“Father, I am having a bad day. I didn’t get any sleep last night. I don’t feel like getting out of bed today, Lord.”

The Secret to Hearing God Through Journaling is Being Honest

Now it’s the Lord’s chance to talk. That is one of the secrets to hearing His voice. Be real don’t fake it. Say it like it is and come to Him as you are. As you come and journal (by writing down) how sad you are and whatever else, then you quiet your spirit.

Next, a picture might come to you, a memory may come to you or a scripture will come to mind, and all you need to do is start writing it down.

Don’t worry about grammar because it’s your journal and for your eyes only. You’re not writing an essay. The key in writing it down is to not write in the third person but to write it as if it is coming directly from the Lord to your heart.

So, after I’ve  written my part, I close my eyes and say, “Okay Father, what do you have to say me?”  

It would look a little like this,

“I am with you, my child.  It’s time to put your problems aside and to just sit in my  presence, I’ll stay with you and never leave you. We’ll walk through this problem together.”

You are journaling!

It takes a little bit of practice not to do all the talking at first. Journaling takes practice because it’s a skill that you can learn. At first, it will probably be straight from your mind.


It is okay.

I’ve gone back to some of my old journals years ago. I did all talking but wasn’t listening for the Father’s voice. But over time I heard His voice more clearly. It’ was life-giving – like a feast for my soul.

Start slowly.  Remember no child learns to speak overnight? Just like a toddler needs time to learn to speak, we need time to learn to hear His voice. Yes, some of what you write down will be your thoughts and ideas.

The more you journal the better you will get. Just like me, you will look over older journals and see which parts were God and which parts came from you.  That’s okay. The more you get used to hearing His voice, the more you will discern where you are getting off track.

It’s a relationship. From God’s heart to your heart. In every healthy relationship, it takes a while to understand what the other person is “really” saying. Sometimes you need to ask clarifying questions, don’t you? It takes time to get to know one another. It is the same with the Lord.

Simply put, spiritual journaling is a method of conversation by writing, where you state your thoughts to the Lord and then you write down His answer.

People make it hard but learning how to journal is quite simple and takes time.


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