6 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Spiritual Journal

Do you keep old photos? Me too.

Old photos stir our emotions, don’t they? Old photos touch us deeply and keeping a spiritual journal does the same thing.

Why Keep a Spiritual Journal

Photos show the journey we’re on. Spiritual journals remind you of the spiritual journey you’re on. Your relationship with God is a spiritual journey rich in benefits.

Just like looking at those old photos I feel the same way when I flip back through my old journals. Reading what I wrote down brings back memories of my walk with God. And keeping a journal helps you remember God’s detailed touch in your life.   

6 Benefits of keeping a prayer journal:

  1. It reminds you how God specifically worked and is working in your life
  2. It helps you see answers to prayer
  3. It shows how you are growing spiritually
  4. You can easily recall how God has given you direction in the past or for now
  5. You can look back to what you learned from your failures
  6. You EXPERIENCE God’s love through spiritual journaling

Just like keeping old photos brings back old memories, keeping a spiritual journal brings joy. God’s intention is to connect with you and what a better way to record your relationship with Him.

So begin keeping those snapshots of the memorable times with your heavenly Father in your spiritual journal.

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