How to Keep a Prayer Journal

Keeping a prayer journal is important.

Focusing your whole mind as you write on the page produces benefits.

I use this guideline even today in my prayer journal. Fill free to adapt it to your needs.

Tips to Keeping a Prayer Journal

1. Date each entry.

2. At the start of your two-way conversation time, read your previous entry.

3. Discern if you are to talk more about your previous topic (should I go deeper, try to look at it from another point of view) or start something new.

5. If moving on to something new, figure out if you are to talk over a life matter or Scripture phrase or word.

6. Write out impressions or images that come to mind, any thoughts, questions, emotional responses, feelings, and prayers.

7. Use complete sentences or notes because sometimes short sentences can be less meaningful as time goes on.

8. Don’ worry about punctuation. Your journal is for your eyes only.

9. Seek for words that capture your impressions well, like a picture, or emotion.

10. Set aside a few pages for new prayer requests and to keep track of any conversations you wish to have with God at a later time.

The Benefits of a Prayer Journal

1. Helps you to start or re-start your conversations with God by reading what you penned in your journal.

2. Gives an unbroken flow to your conversations from day-to-day.  Encourages you to stay focused while you talk to God.

3. You don’t forget your previous conversations.

4. You’re able to glance what you’ve written to re-start your thoughts and helps refresh memories.

5. Understanding is better when the words are in front of you.

6. Keeps you fully engaged.



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