Seeing Prayer From God’s Perspective


I’m embarrassed to admit it—but I grew up in the church but knew little about authentic prayer—real prayer from God’s perspective.

I spent my money on:

  • books
  • cd’s
  • seminars
  • tapes
  • cd’s
  • anything I could get my hands on— all I got was confused.

Can you identify?

I read what everyone else said about prayer but never thought about God’s primary purposes for prayer.

That never crossed my mind before the deep depression, major liver surgery and breast cancer found its way into my life.

Honestly, I saw God more like a genie in a bottle—He was at my beck and call.

Stumbling through the big three, major depression, liver surgery and fast-growing breast cancer was like walking through a dense fog but each time I learned a little more about how God sees prayer.

I’m come to realize we will never fully understand prayer until we grasp God’s primary purposes for prayer.  We need to see prayer as He intends it.

Before the 3 biggies in my life—I still thought God was there to just meet my needs instead of coming to know Him, worship Him and experience the indwelling Christ—all of Him in all of me.

Many Christians believe prayer is the way we get things out of God—we use Him for our own purposes instead of what He purposes to do in and through us for His own pleasure.

Prayer is the major way we learn to communicate with God and hear His voice. It’s a two-way dialogue—not just me doing all the talking, that’s called a monologue.

Prayer is simple — but sometimes we make it hard because we think it’s easy.

“The great secret of prayer is to align ourselves with

God’s purposes rather than seeking to align Him to ours.”

The last part of that quote gets me every time. In our humanness, we think we can manipulate and control God for our own selfish means. I know you’d never do that—but I lived there for many years.

How do you view prayer, something simple or something hard? Why?

Why do you think coming into alignment (agreement) with God would be hard for some Christians to do?

What are the reasons for not coming into alignment with God?


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