Why You Shouldn’t Focus On How Much Time You Spend In Prayer.

Don’t keep your eye on the clock. 

It’s hazardous to your life of prayer. 

Does guilt about not praying enough, and fasting enough, steal your peace?

It was around that time (1990) I experienced a major health issue. I was so sick I couldn’t even pray for myself. Other people prayed me through that time and I learned a valuable lesson. God has not called us to every prayer assignment that comes along.

Maybe you have felt the same way.  You think to yourself; I haven’t prayed enough or I haven’t sought Jesus enough.

Don’t get caught in that trap.

If you don’t beat yourself up enough— then the enemy of your soul will do it.

I believe the root cause, on focusing on how much time you spend in prayer, comes from thinking it’s possible for you to earn God’s answers to your prayers. If I could just pray more, read my bible more, go to church more, etc. then God would answer my prayers— many get caught in believing that lie.

Remember, don’t focus on how much time you spend in prayer.


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